Day 59: Kennedy Meadows North

Miles Hiked: 10.8

PCT Mileage: 1027.7

I woke up early despite trying to sleep in today. I went down to breakfast and found Bahama Mama at the table. I ordered THREE plates for breakfast. French toast, a half order of biscuits and gravy, and the two egg breakfast with toast and hash browns. I thought maybe my eyes would be bigger than my stomach but I ate all of it. A sign the hiker hunger was real. Downhill Daddy and Duck also joined us for breakfast. Afterwards I ate an ice cream sandwich and a sprite. I hung around all day until the shuttle drove me back to trails at 2:30pm. I wanted to take a zero because I was so tired but none of the food was appetizing enough to stay, if I was going to take a zero I wanted all the food options possible. I’d have to wait until South Lake Tahoe.

I was on trail hiking at 3pm with Downhill Daddy and Duck. Bahama Mama hitched out ahead of us and the others were getting a much later shuttle since they didn’t stay the night like we did. I couldn’t keep up with Downhill or Duck. I didn’t care. Especially when we started to go downhill and there was lots of snow and rocks. I needed to be careful and take my time. I caught up to them very close to camp. We all only wanted to go about ten miles today. We ended up deciding on a flat spot with a great view of Sonora Peak (possibly?). I cowboy camped.

The top of the climb after Sonora Pass

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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