PCT Day 63: TRT Day 3: Z E R O

Miles Hiked: ZERO

Today was my first day off in three weeks! Somehow I sleep in until 8am despite the natural light coming into the room. This is not something I ever do unless I am incredibly exhausted. Usually I wake up very early whether I want to or not and once I do I can’t go back to sleep. At 9am I get out of bed and start laundry. Today I will see my friend Jenga who I hiked through New Mexico with on the CDT. I miss him all the time.

Jenga shows up around 11 with his camera and a big hug. He drives and and another hiker to the post office so I can mail my broken camera home. Then we stop at chipotle and hang out for a few hours at the hostel before he has to go to work in Reno. I plan to see him in a few days once I hike around the lake and get closer to Reno.

For the rest of the day I hang out at the hostel and catch up on eating food. I go to get a Nestle toll house cookie on my way to resupply at the grocery store. Then I get a small container of Chinese food from the hot Wok at the store and a giant Jamba Juice smoothie on the walk back. Later I meet up with Pop Rocks, Downhill, Tiger Lily, and Homebrew at a diner where I get a banana malt and zucchini fries. It is safe to say that I am caught up on my calories today and it feels good.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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