PCT Day 62: TRT Day 2: Kingsbury Grade

Mile Hiked: 20

PCT Miles: 0

TRT Miles: 20

Last night the clouds over head did lead to rain and I was caught cowboy camping. When the first sprinkles came I debated just letting it rain on me but then it got heavier and I decided to set up my tent at 2:30am. I was already struggling to sleep but the rain just grarunteed I would sleep even less. My tent pitch was sloppy because the sand I was camping in was so loose. The wind was strong and blew my tent over a few times while I was in it. I had to get out of my tent and move but rocks on to the stakes to get it set upright again. I slept maybe one hour before I packed up my things at 4:30 am and started hiking before 5am. The rain had stopped around 4am. I checked the weather and it said it was going to storm around 1-3pm. I wanted to be in town by then.

I watched the sun rise as I listened to the birds and silently hiked in the morning dusk. The first three miles of the day were easy downhill, then I started to climb up to Freel Peak. At mile three I rolled my right ankle really hard and fell down. It felt like the final straw. Luckily last night I went ahead and booked a second night at the hostel in town, forcing myself to zero Incase I started to think I didn’t need one. I absolutely do. I haven’t had a single day off in three weeks and everything hurts like it. Despite my hurt ankle, I made it up to Freel Peak saddle before 7am. I wanted to do the one mile side trail to the top but I was afraid I didn’t have time if it was going to storm. Plus it looked like a big climb for a tired body.

The rest of the day is easy downhill and I knock out the miles pretty fast. I pass Star Lake and then the Nevada state line! I’ve walked to Nevada! The trail passes through Heavenly ski resort. I walk under lifts and boundary ropes and think about my previous winter jobs at Telluride Ski Resort. I wonder if I’ll work at a ski resort again or still ski everyday like I used to. The trail goes by an “enormous tree” as marked on the map. It is indeed enormous and I later learn it’s the oldest white pine on the TRT. Surprisingly I make it to the road by 11:20am. It’s a busy road with cars going fast around a curve and only a small pull out. I think to myself that it will be a while before I get a ride. After standing with my thumb out for 15 minutes, a gentleman pulls over who knows exactly what I am doing. First impression is that the locals are stoked about the TRT. He gives me a ride 10 minutes to the bottom of the hill where I get out luckily right next to a bus stop! I was going to walk one more mile to my hostel but within five minutes of being on the paved sidewalk I roll my ankle hard yet again and fall down in front of all the cars going by. I limp 0.1 to the bus stop. No way am I walking.

I take the bus straight to Thai on Ski Run where I meet up with Downhill Daddy and Bahama Mama. I order fried spring rolls and eat them all. It feels like I ate nothing. Luckily the avocado curry does fill me up! Next we all go to a tiki bar on the beach because why not! I get a Paloma and we chat with the bar tender about the trail. He gives us all the first drink for free and even gives us his number in case we need a place to stay in town tonight. Bahama Mama and Downhill take him up on it and camp in his yard. I have a reservation I can’t cancel. I leave early to go check in. On the way I stop by the dispensary and the pharmacy before hopping on the bus. The bus is free and very easy to use. South Lake Tahoe is a big town but I was able to get around fast and easily.

At the hostel, I shower in my bunk room I share with three other ladies. Blaze Physio checks out my ankle and determines exactly what I thought. It will be fine but my ligaments are just very weak and irritated from all the rolling. Preventative taping will be a good idea for the future. I hang out with Chewy and Road Soda for a little bit before I walk to the grocery store for dinner. I get a pint of ice cream, a lunch able, a salad, and spaghetti sauce and noodles. It is someone’s birthday at the hostel tonight so 30 hikers are all in the kitchen making elaborate spaghetti compared to what I just bought. They offer me some and I end up donating my own pasta towards future pasta dinners. I stay up late talking to other hikers which is unusual for me because I’m so tired.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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