PCT Day 72: Sierra Buttes

Miles Hiked: 31.3

PCT Mileage: 1226.6

Today it was cold in the morning and it was so hard to get out of my sleeping bag. I was hoping to wake up early for another ambitious day but I was so tired. I didn’t walk out of camp until 6am. A late start for the miles I was hoping to do. I’ve found that I can hike two very long days back to back but on the third day I need a rest. I hiked 70.4 miles over the last two days.

The day started by crossing the highway and immediately going uphill for seven miles. It was a 3k climb all at once and was the first time we’ve had a climb this big in a while. The trail was perfectly graded and I cruised up it despite the fact I was sore and feeling tired. I counted 32 switch backs up the steep part in the trees. After that the trail opened up to an incredible view of a deep valley where Sierra City is located. Although it was so rocky it reminded me of Pennsylvania. At the top I took a break and made the Waldorf Salad backpacker meal that was given to me yesterday at trail magic. It was delicious and the nutritional facts were unbelievable. It was made by outdoor herbivore. No need for a stove to make it either. I’d like to try and replicate it myself.

After my morning break, I picked up some water before heading on to an alternate that was the old PCT. It would make my day three miles shorter with less elevation gain. Something I really needed today. It went along a trail calls the gold valley rim. It was gorgeous and I saw yellow lupines here for the first time. I’ve absolutely loved all the incredible fields of flowers lately. I think I’m slowly falling in love with Northern California. It might be my favorite part of the trail so far. Back on the PCT I took another break. I was so tired. I ate some food and got some energy to hike another five miles. I was feeling lonely from hiking alone for so long the last few days. I wanted anything or anyone to distract me from hiking today.

I made it five miles at a time today. Honestly I still made amazing time for the miles I did. I finished 28.9 miles at 5:45 with tons of long breaks today. Ultimately I just felt overall tired and needed to end the day earlier than usual so I can rest more tonight and feel great tomorrow. The day ended on a downhill through a forest with a soft forest floor underneath my feet. Very forgiving. I camped with Lava Girl, Shark Boy, Rabbit, and Director. It was nice to camp with others for the first time in forever! I really enjoyed talking to Shark Boy and Lava Girl for a while. I had all my camp chores done early and enjoyed just being at camp. It was light outside until after 9pm. I hope I can hike a nice long day tomorrow! There are not many of these beautiful long days with perfect weather left and I want to enjoy them to the fullest.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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