PCT Day 76: Halfway There

Miles Hiked: 25.9

PCT Mileage: 1331.3

Last night some kids came to the park in the middle of the night and started blasting music. I was so annoyed but somehow I was so sedated that I was able to fall back asleep. We packed up our things in the dark and drove Midnight to the trailhead at the road that goes into Chester. Then Diva and I drove up the mountain back to Cold Spring where we finished yesterday. We would hike in the opposite direction as Midnight and swap keys in the middle. We got to our starting point at 6:30am where Pop Rocks, Tiger Lily, and Downhill Daddy were waiting for us so they could put their gear in the car and slack pack too. I was happy to be hiking with a crowd and that I didn’t have to carry my pack today. I was still feeling really bad from all the big miles last week. I really need a day off.

The trail continued to go through the very badly burnt area from the Dixie Fire that happened last year. Once again I was walking in peoples dust clouds. Today I got even dirtier. I mostly hiked with Diva as everyone else got way ahead when I went to the bathroom. We all met up at the Halfway Point around noon. It was shocking to see that little post marking a big milestone. It felt like a reality check. Halfway from Mexico. Halfway to Canada. To walk all the miles I just walked all over again. I felt sad because it marked the start of the last half of a trail before I finish this massive goal I’ve been working on for the past four years. Trail Diva and I both had an Orange Crush to celebrate. We all pushed on the last eight miles downhill to the car together. It was 4pm when we got to the road and Midnight picked us up with perfect timing. We went to the Pine Shack again Because I was thinking about having another jumbo banana milkshake all day today. It was delicious.

After we got food, Diva, Midnight and I drove to Susansville and got a hotel. The hotels were way cheaper here and we had to return their rental car. No more slack packing! Also no more complicated logistics. At the hotel I stayed up late hanging out with them and doing camp chores. I was so happy for a shower and laundry. I have gotten incredibly dirty over the last few days!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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3 thoughts on “PCT Day 76: Halfway There

  1. 1/2 way there!!! Can you believe that? I knew you would do it, but it just seems like a couple weeks ago you started the PCT. I am so proud of you! You have been crushing the miles!!


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