PCT Day 80: A Zero in Fall River Mills

Miles Hiked: ZERO

PCT Mileage: 1411.3

Today was my fourth PLANNED zero of the whole PCT. A big deal for me! My other planned zeros were in Tehachapi, Kennedy Meadows, and South Lake Tahoe. My unplanned zeros were the five days I spent in Acton when I thought I possibly had a fracture. I don’t like to take an entire day off of hiking unless I absolutely need it. Rest days are super important for recovery on the trail. If my body never hurt I would probably only take one or two days off on the whole hike. Unfortunately things really hurt sometimes, especially now, and a break is important. After doing a bunch of really big mile days in a row last week I am feeling significantly more tired and achey than usual. I really wanted the day off but I didn’t want to lose my friends I worked so hard to catch up to. Luckily it is 107 degrees on the trail today and my friends hate the heat so they wanted a day off too. It worked out for everyone!

I slept in the latest I have ever slept in on this trail, 9am. Confirmation of how tired I was and how badly I needed this zero. I updated my blog first thing in the morning. I still left some stuff to work on because I am a procrastinator. I stayed in bed all morning because I did not want to move at all. Eventually I got hungry enough to get up and go eat an egg sandwich Diva made for everyone. We all spent the day relaxing around Trevor’s House and hanging out. He took us to town midday so we could go to the grocery store again to resupply and I got to exchange my holey darn tough socks for a brand new pair at the sporting goods store. Score! I use Darn Tough socks that cost $20 a pair but come with a life time warranty. I definitely take advantage of the warranty and always trade my holey socks in when I can.

For dinner at Trevor’s Diva put together a salad and I made a sub par freezer pizza. The sunset was gorgeous.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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