Day 79: A lucky hitch

Miles Hiked: 23.8

PCT Mileage: 1411.3

This morning I slept in since we all decided to take a zero tomorrow. I wasn’t in a rush to get to town. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be over 100 degrees. Not to mention I badly need a day off. Luckily my friends hate the heat. The morning was off to a slow start. It was exposed and the air just kept getting hotter. I mostly hiked with Galleleio and Trail Diva. The first break of the day was at a water cache known as cache 22. It was a spigot that goes to a tank that someone fill with water. I venmoed a donation because it seemed like such an important water source. I listened to a lot of music today and talked to my friends to distract myself from my foot pain. We crossed the 1400 mile mark together and took another break. By lunch time at a lake, we were all extremely hot but luckily it was less than four miles to the road to town. At the lake, I got my hair wet in the water and laid down in the shade. There were massive pelicans floating around and fishing in the lake.

The last four miles to the road were miserable because it was so hot. Trail Diva and I talked to each other to distract from the discomfort. Luckily we were motivated by town and the miles flew by faster than I thought they would. We waited for Midnight and Galleleio at the road. Luckily they were right behind us and we started to hitch hike. The first car that saw us pulled over way down the road. We all walked to the truck. A man named Trevor is who picked us up and he asked us if we needed a place tonight. After some thought because his place was out of town, we said yes! We ended up going in to Burney to buy groceries before heading back to Trevor’s House in Fall River Mills. I was so excited for a full day off tomorrow and couldn’t wait to catch up on calories. I bought beer and ice cream at the grocery store and ate a salad and cinnamon twists at the pizza place. Trevor’s House was gorgeous. The inside was very spacious with an incredibly high wood ceiling and a great view of Lassen Peak out of the living room window. We each got our own bed and had the evening to relax. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were! After showering and doing laundry, Galleleio made everyone a dinner of Salmon, Asparagus, and Potatoes. It was delicious. It was fun getting to hang out with Trevor and learn all about his life. He did a similar hike to us across the UK once. He wanted to pick us up because someone did the same for him once. We are the first hikers to ever stay with him! It was late by the time we all went to bed. Approximately 10pm.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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