Day 126: The smoke comes rolling in

Miles Hiked: 22.3 Total Milage: 2195.7 Today I took my sweet sweet time leaving camp. I didn’t get up until 7am. 12 pack left way before me while I took my time stretching. I was in no hurry at all today. Since we crushed miles the last two days we only planned to hike 22Continue reading “Day 126: The smoke comes rolling in”

Day 125: Love from Butte

Miles Hiked: 28.1 Total Milage: 2173.4 Yesterday I looked ahead at water sources and realized that we have a very dry stretch ahead of us. Almost all the water sources have dried up and the ones that haven’t are questionable. I noticed some Guthook comments about a water cache that seems to be empty now.Continue reading “Day 125: Love from Butte”

Day 120: Straight Shot to Canada

Miles Hiked: 7.7 Total Milage: 2047.6 This morning I still woke up early even though I didn’t have to hike out first thing in the morning. 12 pack and I walked to town to get breakfast around 7:30am. After that I looked at the map and did the math to see how much farther weContinue reading “Day 120: Straight Shot to Canada”