Day 115: Blazing Hot Ridgelines

Miles Hiked: 19 Total Milage: 1959.6 Today I woke up still sleepy. Because the RV park was so close to the interstate I could hear very loud semi trucks going by all night and it kept me up. My tent was still soaking wet from all the rain yesterday. I ate some food for breakfastContinue reading “Day 115: Blazing Hot Ridgelines”

Day 113: AT Class of 2019/ Rock Spring

Miles Hiked: 28.5 Total Milage: 1928.8 Today I was really looking forward to seeing my friend Cocoa on trail! I hiked a little bit of the AT with her in 2019. I sent her an inreach message last night and found out that we camped 20 miles apart from each other. The day started outContinue reading “Day 113: AT Class of 2019/ Rock Spring”

Day 112: Red Rock Pass

Miles Hiked: 28.2 Total Milage: 1900 **To be completely honest I’m writing this blog post and the next two almost a week after this day. I was so tired during this stretch I totally neglected to write my blog and the days all feel like a complete blur. I’m recalling from memory as best IContinue reading “Day 112: Red Rock Pass”

Day 107: Yellowstone National Park Day 2: Grant Village

Miles Hiked: 20.1 Total Milage: 1778.5 Today I woke up a little earlier than the past few days. It was a cold morning. I packed up my things and hiked out of camp in my hoodie dress and my puffy jacket with my hands in my pockets because they were so freezing. I may pickContinue reading “Day 107: Yellowstone National Park Day 2: Grant Village”

Day 106: Yellowstone National Park Day 1 … Heart Lake

Miles Hiked: 20.9 Total Milage: 1758.4 Today I didn’t leave camp until almost 7am which feels so late compared to our normal early morning start. Since we only have to hike about 20 miles I wasn’t as concerned about getting that early of a start. I was also feeling very exhausted from yesterday still. IContinue reading “Day 106: Yellowstone National Park Day 1 … Heart Lake”

Day 108: Yellowstone National Park Day 3… Old Faithful Village

Miles Hiked: 26.5 Total Milage: 1805 This morning 12 pack and I left camp earlier than any other day in a while. We were on a mission to get to Old Faithful village and hang out there as long as we could. We had 26 miles to hike today and 10 of them were afterContinue reading “Day 108: Yellowstone National Park Day 3… Old Faithful Village”