Day 115: Blazing Hot Ridgelines

Miles Hiked: 19 Total Milage: 1959.6 Today I woke up still sleepy. Because the RV park was so close to the interstate I could hear very loud semi trucks going by all night and it kept me up. My tent was still soaking wet from all the rain yesterday. I ate some food for breakfastContinue reading “Day 115: Blazing Hot Ridgelines”

Day 113: AT Class of 2019/ Rock Spring

Miles Hiked: 28.5 Total Milage: 1928.8 Today I was really looking forward to seeing my friend Cocoa on trail! I hiked a little bit of the AT with her in 2019. I sent her an inreach message last night and found out that we camped 20 miles apart from each other. The day started outContinue reading “Day 113: AT Class of 2019/ Rock Spring”

Day 112: Red Rock Pass

Miles Hiked: 28.2 Total Milage: 1900 **To be completely honest I’m writing this blog post and the next two almost a week after this day. I was so tired during this stretch I totally neglected to write my blog and the days all feel like a complete blur. I’m recalling from memory as best IContinue reading “Day 112: Red Rock Pass”