Day 87: Butter Knife Edge

Miles Hiked: 21 Total Milage: 1449.6 Location: San Juan Mountains This morning I started to get ready around 5:15am. I did not sleep last night AGAIN. I am feeling so exhausted from all this not sleeping. I left camp before 12 pack. I was happy to hike by myself for a little bit this morningContinue reading “Day 87: Butter Knife Edge”

Day 86: Lightning Strikes

Miles Hiked: 19.6 Total Milage: 428.6 Location: San Juan National Forest This morning I “woke up” at 6am. At this point I can’t even remember the last night I have actually had sleep. I think around 5am I finally drifted off but I had to get hiking. I can’t wait to get to town. IContinue reading “Day 86: Lightning Strikes”

Day 80: Enjoying the easy stuff while it lasts

Miles Hiked: 26.1 Total Milage: 1302 This morning I woke up to my alarm at 5am. I swear I blinked my eyes and it was 5:15. I woke 12 pack up and we started to get ready. The sunrise was incredibly red and beautiful. We left camp around 6am. There were thunderstorms predicted for todayContinue reading “Day 80: Enjoying the easy stuff while it lasts”

Day 78: Monarch Crest and Butterfly House

Miles Hiked: 10.5 Total Milage: 1250.4 Location: Butterfly House This morning 12 pack and I both failed to wake up at 6am. I remember opening my eyes at 7am and making eye contact with 12 pack in the cot across the room and we both instantly fell back asleep. After how crazy this last stretchContinue reading “Day 78: Monarch Crest and Butterfly House”