Day 99: Unionville

Last night it continuously rained all night. I didn’t sleep the best because there were so many mosquitos trying to bite me. I left camp in the rain at 7am.My legs were chafing super bad so I took wide steps all day. They only chafe when everything is soaking wet. I used antibiotic ointment to help because it was he only thing I had. I saw a turtle on the trail that aggressively hissed at me as I tried to take it’s picture.Long Feather passed me early on. As I was hiking behind him he witnessed me fall on my hands and knees as we walked across slippery rocks. I took a break at the first shelter that was six miles away to air out my soaking wet feet and grab some water. The rain finally stopped as I crossed over the top of sunrise mountain but the trail and all the trees remained a muddy wet mess the rest of the day. When I passed the next shelter I confidently walked 0.25 off trail before realizing it. I walked an extra half mile for no reason and I was frustrated.y next break was at High Point state park Information center. They give all thru hikers a free coke and I charged my phone a little bit.When I got on trail again, I passed the highest point in the state of NJ. I talked to my mom on the phone and I called the post office to see if they could hide my packages for me like the last one did. Luckily they helped me out, but only 2/3 of my packages had arrived. I thought it was my resupply of food and my charger. When I got to the post office later and found my packages, I found out that it was my phone battery and sleeping bag. I guess I got it back a little earlier than planned.The last 9 miles to town flew by as I talked to my boyfriend and sister as well. One part of the trail walked over wooden planks in a swamp and it looked so cool. I took a bad fall for the second time today when I slipped and straddled the whole boardwalk getting everything wet again.When I made it to town, Flamingo and Long Feather were waiting for me at the general store. I bought a Kombucha, chocolate milk and vasaline to help with my chafing. We then all walked to the park to set up our tents and get food at the nearby pizza place. The town of Unionville, NY lets thru hikers camp in their public park for free! It was 9:30pm by the time I finally got in my tent and got ready for bed. It’s been quite a long day of hiking and I’m exhausted.

Happy Trails!


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