Day 88: Going Postal in the Cumberland Valley

Day 88 James Fry Shelter to Cover Mountain Shelter Miles Hiked: 33.6 AT Milage: 1145.0 This morning I woke up at 6am and got on the trail just after 6:35. I was on a mission to get to the post office before they closed for their afternoon lunch break. All my stuff was still wetContinue reading “Day 88: Going Postal in the Cumberland Valley”

Day 87: Half Gallon Challenge

Day 87Birch Run Shelter to James Fry ShelterMiles Hiked: 17.1AT Milage: 1111.4Today I woke up around 7am exhausted from sleeping less than five hours last night. Flamingo and I got ready and hit the trail at 7:30. The terrain was pretty rocky for me, but very gentle so we moved pretty fast. We passed theContinue reading “Day 87: Half Gallon Challenge”

Day 71: SNP Day 6- An Epic Slack Pack from PBG

Day 71Pass Mountain Hut to Tom Floyd ShelterMiles Hiked: 23.6AT Milage: 968.6This morning I woke up after sleeping very little last night. My foot pain has been so bad I can’t fall asleep until after 3am and even then I wake up about once every hour with stabbing pains. My knees and hips ache aContinue reading “Day 71: SNP Day 6- An Epic Slack Pack from PBG”

Day 70: SNP Day 5- A Quick Visit to Luray

Day 70 Rock Spring Hut to Pass Mountain Hut Miles Hiked: 15.3 AT Milage: 945.0 Last night I slept okay. Randy left the shelter at 3:30am to start hiking because he just couldn’t sleep. Broadweigh and I made a plan to hitch hike into the town of Luray and then get back to the trailContinue reading “Day 70: SNP Day 5- A Quick Visit to Luray”