PCT Day 33: Blazing Heat and No Sleep

Miles Hiked: 23.6

PCT Mileage: 558.5

Last night I slept for about four hours before getting up to hike again. I was racing the hot sun. I checked my map last night and saw a shady place with water was 14 miles away. I wanted to make it there before noon. My legs were incredibly sore and I was exhausted. I walked through the windmills as the sun rose and eventually they all stopped spinning as the wind died down and the hot air became still. The trail was mostly uphill. I got to call my mom for a little bit until I lost service just before I found some water flowing near Tyler Horse Canyon. I took a short break there even though I wanted it to be longer. My feet hurt so bad but I just wanted to make it to the shade before it got miserably hot and I was out of luck. I was glad I did make it to the shade because I had to do a long sandy climb right before it. It was in direct sunlight the whole time and just kept going up and up. The shade ended up being two red umbrellas a man who lived down the road provided along with a much needed water cache. I donated to his fun just because I was so thankful for it! Without this cache it would be well over 30 miles between water sources especially if Tyler Horse Canyon dries up later this season. I layed around in the minimal shade with some other hikers as we waited for the temperatures to drop and become more manageable. Raymond, the man who maintains the cache stopped by to refill one of the massive blue barrels. He also brought us a cooler of cold drinks and I had a Gatorade! I felt so lucky.

At 3:30 pm, Bitter Goat and I hiked out together 8 more miles to Willow Springs road where a trail angel named Rae picked us up. At 3:30 it wasn’t as hot as I had expected it to be. The trail continued to wind through another wind farm although thankfully it was a gentle downhill this time. I was so thankful for Rae who picked us up and brought us back to her home. She has her phone # listed on the picnic table for hikers to get in contact with her! Another hiker named “Runner” was there at Rae’s house as well. B Goat and I immediately got cleaned up and went out to the Thai restaurant with Runner. We were super hungry and all the food places were about to close. I ate some fresh spring rolls and a curry. Thai food is one of my favorite ethnic foods to eat ever! I used to work at a Thai restaurant and it was one of my favorite jobs. By 9:30 pm we were all back at the house and in bed falling asleep. I was so thankful I made it to town today. My body felt exceptionally sore. It’s the first time on the trail I felt this way and I couldn’t wait for the zero day tomorrow!

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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