PCT Day 34: A Zero Day in Tehachapi

Miles Hiked: ZERO

PCT Mileage: 558.5

I have been looking forward to Tehachapi for a long long time. It’s the first Zero day I had planned for myself. Even though I had all those days off for injury in Acton, I felt like I needed this zero so bad. My body was absolutely exhausted. I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things with all that time off. This last section was extremely hot and stressful for me with my shin. I slept in until 7am. Bitter Goat and I walked a mile to the grocery store together. Here I bought a ton of fresh food I am really excited about for my next resupply! I also bought my resupply for Kennedy Meadows and mailed myself a big box from the UPS store next door along with all my cold weather clothing and stove I don’t need to use again until I enter the Sierras in 130 miles. I sent myself stuff for breakfast shakes, couscous, and PB wraps! I have to fit it all in a Bear Canister so I picked very compact calorie and nutrition dense foods. I’m excited to see how it goes although my pack is going to be insanely heavy! The UPS store was absolutely amazing with helping me package my box. I wish I could use them to ship more often. I trust them way more than USPS at this point.

I luckily got a ride back to Rae’s house with B Goat. He is staying at a man named Ables house tonight. B Goat offered to cook dinner for all of us and I went over the his house later in the evening for it. In the meantime, I sorted through all my food at Rae’s and went on a walk to find post cards and a dress at the thrift store. I found a fun one with bananas for $2. I met up with Sam who you might remember I started on the same day as and hiked very briefly with in the beginning of the trail. It was good to see him again an he joined us for dinner at Abel’s as well. B Goat made us all a south Asian curry and we had a lot of fun getting to know Abel and his wife Kim. Abel is a serious bike racer. He has done several tours all over the country and 37 double centuries! He was so cool to meet. He is also a host on “Warm Showers” which is basically a trail angel community for bike tourers.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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