PCT Day 35: Bakersfield

Miles Hiked: 8

PCT Mileage: 566.5

I got in contact with Pippin again when I got to Tehachapi. I couldn’t keep up with the group since my shin was bothering me from Augua Dulce. Pippin and Fry invited me to do an 8 mile slack pack with them today and go back to Bakersfield to stay at Fry’s Aunt Kathys house. I was excited to have another easy day because I was still very sore despite having a zero day yesterday. They picked me up at 8am. I said goodbye to Rae, made a donation, and thanked her.

Fry was driving his Aunt’s car. We all stopped by Doggone and Taxi lady’s trailer at the airport to say hi before going out to hike. We needed their help to pick us up at the other end of the slackpack. Doggone had already hiked those miles yesterday and they were going on a hang glider today! The slackpack was so easy I didn’t take anything except my fanny pack with my phone and camera and a bottle of water. Nope, we didn’t even being trekking poles. It was hot but the wind really helped us stay cool. The trail winded up and down through windmills the entire time until we reached a road we walked along until it met up with the highway where Doggone picked us all up. Afterwards, all of us went to have lunch together at the bakery in downtown Tehachapi. I had a lox and bagel sandwich which was really good!

Fry drive us about 30 minutes to Bakersfield where his Aunt Kathy lives. We spent the afternoon hanging out at the pool in her backyard. It was so nice! Kathy treated us all like her own kids which was so nice of her. For dinner we all went to get pizza and ice cream. We went to a place called Dewar’s which had these delicious taffy candies Kathy wanted to show us so we could take some with us on the trail. They were so good! Back at the house we all packed some more resupply boxes to send to the Sierras. I made one more for myself that I will pick up at a place called VVR or Vermilion Valley Ranch. I had to send it was ahead of time because this company packs the boxes into the mountains once every ten days. I also have to pay $30 just to pick up the box but I think that’s a fair price considering I don’t have to hike up and down the mountain into a town. I put a few vodka soda drinks in there to have something to look forward to! I wanted to pack the box full since I had to pay so much to pick it up anyways! I probably won’t see that box again for two more weeks or longer.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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