PCT Day 82: McCloud River

Miles Hiked: 30

PCT Mileage: 1471

This morning I woke up around five am to an amazing sunrise. I was still tired so I didn’t get out of my sleeping bag until after 5:30. By 6am I was packed up and hiking down the trail after Midnight. It was eight miles to the first water source. I was feeling sore today. I think it only takes one day before I’m fatigued again. Yesterday I was feeling fresh after the zero day. The eight miles went by surprisingly slow for morning miles. I thought it was going to be a long day. Luckily the terrain was forgiving. At moose creek I stopped to fill up my water, and take a break to eat food. I was glad when I saw Diva and Galleleio I wanted people to hike with me today because I didn’t feel super energized. Galleleio and I hiked the next ten miles together to the Gold Creek Water source. It was 0.2 miles off the trail and I still had a liter left so I opted to not do the extra hiking. In the meantime I ate more food and tried a “chocolate salt” flavored electrolyte packet. It was disgusting.

I walked the next eight miles to Deer Creek alone. It was hot but the trees provided shade. After walking through the long burn section I was so grateful for greenery and the chance of shade. I thought it was noticeably several degrees cooler when I was out of the sun. At Deer Creek I finally saw Midnight again. She had already been there for an hour. I sat in the shade at Deer Creek for an hour and a half. It was nice and cool. We were almost to camp it was eight miles all downhill. I was glad because I felt so tired. I hiked all the way to camp with both Midnight and Diva. When we got to the river I was so glad to be at camp at 6:30pm

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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