PCT Day 83: Mount Shasta

Miles Hiked: 27

PCT Miles: 1501.2

This morning I woke up at dawn near the McCloud River. I packed up my things and hit the trail about the same time as everyone else. I skipped all the water sources today until Squaw Creek so I was a bit dehydrated by the time I got there. We were only 30 miles from town so we decided to hike in today instead of camping three miles out. I ran out of food in perfect timing to do such a thing so I was stoked about it. At Squaw Creek we all took a long lunch break in the cool shade. I wanted to get in but I hate getting wet sometimes.

After the break I left before everyone else soni could have a break between lunch and the road 13 miles away. I happen to like taking a lot more breaks than the rest of my group. I knew they would want to walk the 13 miles to the road without stopping and I definitely did not because my feet have been hurting. The uphill wasn’t bad and I took my break in the shade of a tree at the top. Once everyone caught up, we all hiked the last few miles into town together. On the ridge we had a great view of Castle Crag and Mt Shasta that I want to try and climb! We saw smoke coming up from the trees in the valley and later found out it was a small wildfire that was put out immediately luckily.

Once at the Road, we had to try and hitch from the I5 on ramp. It seemed impossible because hardly any cars were driving by at all. I ended up getting a different hitch than everyone else into town because Fry drove by with his cousin and didn’t have room for everyone. Once in town I got dropped off at the KOA where I got the campsite booked and set up for everyone. Some other hikers were eating hotdogs and invited me over so I had some while I waited for my friends. Afterwards I walked around town to get a milkshake right before everything closed. It was late by the time everyone else showed up because they went to Thai and it took forever.

Happy Trails!

-Early Bird


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