Clear Creek Metro Park 5/1/18

Today Jeff and I visited Clear Creek Metro Park which is the farthest one from Columbus. It is an hour drive and it’s almost right next to hocking hills. We hiked from one end of the park to the other and walked back on the main road next to the creek for a total of about ten miles. True to its namesake, the creek really is clear.

“Writing rock” along the side of the road. We both agreed that the road next to the creek was more scenic than the trails in the woods.

My favorite wildflowers that we saw

Scioto Grove Metro Park

Today Jeff and I went to Scioto Grove Metro Park and hiked about 5 miles around the perimeter of the park. The REI river trail is really pretty and we want to come back and camp one day to test out our backpacking gear even though it’s a really small park! REI made the river trail for people who are getting into the sport of backpacking (if it’s considered a sport idk). We also want to go back and play on the golf disc course. We didn’t have much time because it’s the start of finals week but we went to get some ice cream at Freeze Style rolled ice cream afterwards.

Strawberry short cake and Smore’s flavored ice cream. We keep getting cool discounts so we go back!