Day 141: Bob Marshal Day 2: Racing Sunset

Miles Hiked: 27.1 Total Milage: 2441.6 Today I slept in a bit because I was so cold. I had to pee really bad and I was starving so I was forced out of my warm sleeping bag earlier than I wanted to be. The sunrise was pretty, especially as I watched it slowly cast lightContinue reading “Day 141: Bob Marshal Day 2: Racing Sunset”

Day 140: Entering the Bob Marshal Wilderness

Miles Hiked: 26.3 Total Milage: 2414.5 This morning I woke up early without my alarm and decided to leave town. I packed up my things and went to breakfast at the campground. I sat with “Animal”, “Overdue”, and “Library” who were also all getting out on trail this morning. I was feeling a bit nervousContinue reading “Day 140: Entering the Bob Marshal Wilderness”

Day 137: Lewis and Clark Pass

Miles Hiked: 15.3 Total Milage: 2351.5 Today I got out of bed around 7:30am when some other hikers knocked on the door to ask us if we wanted to get breakfast. I was so excited to go back to Lambkin’s and get the cinnamon roll French toast for a second time. It was absolutely deliciousContinue reading “Day 137: Lewis and Clark Pass”

Day 135: Falling in Love with the ULA circuit

Miles Hiked: 26 Total Milage: 2336.2 This morning I woke up around 5am. I could see the sunrise from my cowboy camp and it was so pretty. It was freezing cold and all of my stuff was wet with Dew. My right knee was still swollen and hurting. I decided to stay in my sleepingContinue reading “Day 135: Falling in Love with the ULA circuit”

Day 134: High Divide Outfitters

Miles Hiked: 19.5 Total Milage: 2310.2 This morning I woke up a little later than usual. My tent was wet but not too bad considering how much it rained and stormed last night. It was a cold morning as I packed up all my things and hit the trail. I was hiking before 7am. IContinue reading “Day 134: High Divide Outfitters”

Day 133: Big storms leaving Helena

Miles Hiked: 19 Total Milage: 2290.7 Today I woke up around 6am at the hotel. I went to get a bagel and some tea down the street before taking one last bath. 12 pack and I planned on leaving town with Melon today but I didn’t hear from him all morning. By 10am I finallyContinue reading “Day 133: Big storms leaving Helena”

Day 132: A Zero in Helena

Miles Hiked: 0 Total Milage: 2271.7 I planned on leaving town today but the weather looked bad so we decided to stay another day. Also Melon planned on hiking out with us tomorrow so that was another reason to stay. My body needed the extra rest day really bad. My back was hurting and IContinue reading “Day 132: A Zero in Helena”