PCT Day 44: Sierra Day 2: Chicken Spring Lake

Miles Hiked: 25.8 Total Mileage: 750.8 I didn’t sleep well last night so naturally I was second to last to leave camp. The first five miles were all downhill to a water source. I stopped halfway to do my stretching routine. The ground was sandy under my feet and I passed by tons of graniteContinue reading “PCT Day 44: Sierra Day 2: Chicken Spring Lake”

PCT Day 43: Sierra Day 1: Into the Sierra

Miles Hiked: 22.8 Total Mileage: 725 This morning I was the first one of the group awake at Kennedy Meadows General store campground. I walked over to the store to see if I could charge my phone and upload some blog posts using the wifi. There is no cell service at Kennedy Meadows. There isn’tContinue reading “PCT Day 43: Sierra Day 1: Into the Sierra”

Day 42: Anxiety on a Zero Day

Miles Hiked: 0 PCT Mileage: 702.2 Today was full of anticipation, preparation, and anxiety. It started with pancakes for breakfast at 8:30am. All the hikers were up early and standing in line for showers, laundry, and food. We all learned that it can take hours to do simple chores at grumpy bears just because ofContinue reading “Day 42: Anxiety on a Zero Day”

PCT Day 38: Desert Days Coming to an End

Miles Hiked: 26.4 PCT Mileage: 635.3 It was cold the morning and I didn’t sleep once again. I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag. I wish I still had my pair of leggings it would make it so much easier to get up and get going. Luckily Pippin lent me her rainContinue reading “PCT Day 38: Desert Days Coming to an End”

PCT Day 36: Wind Advisory

Miles Hiked: 16.8 PCT Mileage: 583.3 We all wanted to get back on trail early this morning but since we had to wait for the post office to open at 10am that didn’t happen. I enjoyed sleeping in and eating a grapefruit for breakfast. Kathy drove us to Tehachapi where we stopped at the postContinue reading “PCT Day 36: Wind Advisory”

PCT Day 34: A Zero Day in Tehachapi

Miles Hiked: ZERO PCT Mileage: 558.5 I have been looking forward to Tehachapi for a long long time. It’s the first Zero day I had planned for myself. Even though I had all those days off for injury in Acton, I felt like I needed this zero so bad. My body was absolutely exhausted. IContinue reading “PCT Day 34: A Zero Day in Tehachapi”

PCT Day 33: Blazing Heat and No Sleep

Miles Hiked: 23.6 PCT Mileage: 558.5 Last night I slept for about four hours before getting up to hike again. I was racing the hot sun. I checked my map last night and saw a shady place with water was 14 miles away. I wanted to make it there before noon. My legs were incrediblyContinue reading “PCT Day 33: Blazing Heat and No Sleep”

Day 32: Hiker Town and the LA Aqueduct

Miles Hiked: 24 PCT Mileage: 534.9 This morning I opened my eyes at 3am. I realized it was too early to start hiking so I fell back asleep until five and hit the trail at 5:30am. The seven miles to Hiker Town through rolling desert hills were very easy. I hiked the last few milesContinue reading “Day 32: Hiker Town and the LA Aqueduct”

PCT Day 31: I’m Going to Be

Miles Hiked: 17.6 PCT Mileage: 511 I woke up feeling absolutely fatigued this morning. Everything hurt. I did start my period yesterday and usually I have a hard time hiking when that happens. I wasn’t surprised by how bad I felt. It took my time packing up camp and doing stretches before hiking up allContinue reading “PCT Day 31: I’m Going to Be”

PCT Day 30: Another Day another Burn Area

Miles Hiked: 15.2 PCT Mileage: 493.4 This morning I woke up in the Manzanita Forest of Casa De Luna. I packed up all my things and went out front to the driveway to hang out with everyone. Joe made us all pancakes for breakfast with fresh fruit and coffee. We all put on Hawaiian shirtsContinue reading “PCT Day 30: Another Day another Burn Area”